After understanding what is CRM, let’s analyze for what purposes rational implementation of the system. First of all, the introduction of the program is recommended for companies with a developed sales department – the basic functionality of CRM is to regulate the relationship with customers. Using the program is recommended if:

  • Large arrays of unstructured data need to be combined.
  • Require a powerful system for statistics and analytics.
  • It is necessary to organize the work of the sales department.
  • It is important to adjust regulations of work with clients.
  • It is necessary to accelerate personnel training and reduce requirements for employees.
  • It is necessary to increase data security within the company.

At the same time CRM-system will not work if you need to establish internal production processes, to accounting or identify the risks of business development – for this requires a separate software. CRM implementation will be of little use to business in the following cases:

  • The company has few customers – the complex functionality and tools of the program complicates the conduct of transactions in a company with a small customer base. This slows down the work of managers – support of 3-5 buyers directly will be faster.
  • All sales are one-time, without further customer support – in areas with a large number of spontaneous, unpredictable purchases, the use of CRM is also not effective. If the company does not need further support for the client and it is difficult to encourage additional sales – to implement a CRM-system is also not worth it.
  • The sales department has too few employees – a customer relationship management system will already be useful if there are 2 employees in the sales department. However, with a small staff the work through a complex software interface may also be more resource consuming than the interaction with customers directly.

Using CRM can be inefficient for microbusinesses or project work with a small team. The abundance of idle tools in the program complicates the use of CRM, and also increases the time to train new staff – in these cases, an online scheduler and an accounting spreadsheet will be sufficient for the work. When developing a company to several people in the sales department or involving 2 or more advertising channels at once, CRM will be a profitable investment that strengthens the small business.

Determined as a CRM, you can understand the rationality of the system on their own example. CRM-system will be definitely useful for the organization of long-term relations of the company with customers and multiple sales of goods and services, as well as a large number of daily calls and emails. Also, the program will help if you need to store a large amount of unstructured data, to work with statistics and analytics.