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Featured Site | CRMsoftware360.com  Featured CRM Site

CRMsoftware360 is a frequently cited source for CRM software selection, evaluation, analysis and opinion. The website authors also publish significant original research on the topic of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software applications, including fact-based and opinionated CRM software evaluations as well as the annual CRM Software REPORT which is now in its 10th Edition.


The CRM Software REPORT is released at the beginning of each year, receives thousands of downloads and has acquired a loyal following among CRM application buyers, users, consultants, analysts and project managers. Be sure to get your free copy early, as the report is typically retired by the second calendar quarter of the year.


The Top 5 lists are well received by the Customer Relationship Management software reader communities as they are trusted and brief. These industry lists include the following:

While the website brevity is appreciated among visitors, it's depth is not lost on the topics that seem to matter most. CRM product reviews, such as the , provide a balance and perspective that cannot be found on the all-too-common please everybody websites.


The CRMsoftware360.com authors are now experimenting with several new tools such as the RFP Template Builder, Software Demo Script Builder, Readiness Assessment and CRM ROI Calculator. We look forward to seeing more of these tools and resources in the coming months.




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