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CRM Software White Papers

The below white papers are written by recognized analysts, industry practitioners and well regarded authors. The white papers are not product promotional pieces or software vendor sponsored. Send whitepaper requests to whitepapers[at]www.crmforecast.com.


Public Sector SaaS

Public Sector SAAS

By Paul Greenberg, author of the number one best selling CRM book, CRM at The Speed of Light

This white paper provides CRM adoption, utilization and payback metrics for government agencies considering CRM for Constituent Relationship Management and other customer facing processes. The research is fact based with supporting commentary by industry heavy weight Paul Greenberg of The 56 Group.

Aberdeen Group CRM SaaS Report

CRM Everywhere: The 2008 Software as a Service Update

By analyst firm Aberdeen Group

Based on a CRM research survey ending in January 2008, analyst firm Aberdeen Group identified the strategies, capabilities, and enabler's that Best-in-Class companies are using to improve the effectiveness of their CRM deployments. This quantitative research report provides Best-in-Class performance metrics, business process maturity assessment reference points and the specific actions required to reach best in class performance levels.

CRM Select Smart

CRM Select Smart | Applying Lessons Learned in CRM Projects

The road to implementing customer relationship management systems is paved with risk and littered with failure.  Reams have been written by industry practitioners extolling the reasons “Why CRM projects fail,” yet many of the same patterns repeat themselves. While there is no magic pill, this white paper extols simple guidelines to help assure CRM success. This white paper has received more complimentary comments than any other over the last 12 months.

Top 10 Myths of Hosted CRM

The Top 10 Myths of Hosted CRM

By Robert Kane, Managing Editor of CRMlandmark.com

Hosted CRM software has captured both mind share and market share. However, as with any disruptive innovation, separating the reality from the mythical can be a challenge for any person trying to evaluate alternatives and make the best informed decision. This white paper uses an unbiased perspective to separate fact from fiction.

5 Call Center Technologies

5 Technologies No Contact Center Should Be Without

By Robert Kane, Managing Editor of CRMlandmark.com

Customer service is a critical component of managing the customer experience for any company. This white paper identifies the most influential technologies that help world class companies leverage customer service resources and processes to enhance the customer experience, improve the process of identifying and resolving customer issues quickly, and promote complimentary products and/or services as part of servicing the customer.

software negotiation

Successful CRM Negotiation Strategies | Proven Negotiation Experiences to Increase CRM Success

This white paper identifies the approach and recommendations to achieve a fair price for CRM software while at the same time and engaging the vendor’s cooperation, participation and vested interest. With over 12,000 downloads, this instructional guide has been widely cited in several industry publications and community web sites. This current version has been enhanced to include the software as a service (SAAS) delivery model and the particular experiences learned thus far from the more popular SAAS CRM vendors.

5 Step CRM Software Selection

5 Step CRM Software Selection Guide | A Pragmatist's Guide to CRM Software Selections

In this pragmatist’s guide to selecting CRM software, Doug Hatcher and Brent Goodson combine their years of experience to provide an analysis of common software selection pitfalls as well as a defined process to ensure you avoid them. This research paper covers all of the major areas to ensure a successful CRM software selection project from requirements analysis and development, preparation of an RFP, conducting effective demonstrations and negotiation of the final contract.

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